Encore des lectures pré marathon

Un post "Golden words for first marathon" sur Runner's World contient quelques bons conseils ou belles phrases :

- Look around during the race and enjoy the crowds and scenery.

- Enjoy every single mile of it. Don't stress and have fun.

- Thoughts from my one & only:
* Don't go out too fast.
* Read every sign, some are very funny.
* High five every kid who offers you one.
* Thank the volunteers at the aid stations.
* Enjoy the beer at the end of the race.
* Hug your family at the end.  They'll get over the sweat.
* Hug anyone around you at the finish!
* Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

- The halfway point isn't at 13.1.  It's usually somewhere around mile 20.

- Remember how hard running was, at all, when you started.  You stuck with it, though.
Same with this ...

- At some point its going to hurt, suck it up and keep going

When you get tired, run "backwards" -- only 13.1 to go, you've done that; only 10 miles to go, not far at all; 10K left, no problem; 5K is easy; anyone can run a mile...

- Et enfin ce beau tryptique qui décrit bien le marathon :
Run the first ten miles with your head (+1 to don't go out to fast, run your pace)
Run the second ten miles with your legs (you've done the training, settle in and let those sexy runner's legs do the work)
Run the last 6.2 with your heart (believe in yourself, you can do this)

Have fun!

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