Time to tie the hachimaki.

Time to tie the hachimaki.
Time to quote Steve Prefontaine "The only good race pace is suicide pace, and sunday looks like a good day to die."
Sunday is the Venice marathon, and my goal is 3:45:59 BQ.
My previous marathons :
2006 Rotterdam 4:15
2007 Turin 4:25 (heat)
2008 New York City 4:35 (! Injured, undertrained, overweight)
2009 Las Vegas 3:59:35 sub4 (25"!) PR
2010 New York City 3:58:58 PR (37"!)
2011 Rotterdam 3:53:49 PR
I am progressing, but slowly.
Venice is more or less my last chance to BQ : next year i'll need a 3:40, i think it's not doable.

I have changed my training plan, focusing on speed; did a little less of long runs; seems that I have gained some speed, but i don't know if i can handle it to the end.

As a matter of fact in all my marathons i have bonked or slowed at the end, except in Las Vegas.
Venice marathon first half seems flattish, second half is maybe not so simple, end could be terrible : 14 little bridges in the last 4 km!
I know that the "banking time strategy" is a recipe for disaster but i don't see any other! So i'll have the most conservative agressive strategy :
2 "slow" km @ 5'30
20 km @ 5'15 (8'27/mi)
10 km @ 5'20 (8'35/mi)
This should be doable.
After this 10km @ 5'30 (8'50/mi) lead me to a 3:45:30
We all know this is not the easiest part.
I probably will be 1 or 2' late at km 32 and bonk between km 34 and 37.
We'll see.
Suicide pace.

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